Amazing things happen

Another video today, and this time it is a fantastic video created by Alex Amelines.

Alex took 2 years to create this video in his spare time. His video is an introduction to autism that aims to raise awareness among young non-autistic audiences, to stimulate understanding and acceptance in future generations. His goal is to communicate that autistic people are neither ill nor broken and that they are ordinary people with an extraordinary way of perceiving the world.

Dead dads and Junk food

This morning I posted a blog where I wrote about the word Saudade; a word used to describe the love remaining following loss with a repressed knowledge that our beloved will return. Little did I know that just one hour later I would find out that all I really needed in order to deal with the deep longing for my own father was eat a McDonalds Fillet-O-Fish.

Of course what I am flippently referring to is the new McDonald’s advert, that has received a lot of attention today, in which they use the experience of a young person who is grieving his father to sell their fish based burger (is that what it is?).

Before we go much further, perhaps you need to see it for yourself.

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The meaning of Saudade

In a recent trip to Greenwich, London, Esther and I wandered into the vintage market. Always on the look out for something unique which could be up-cycled or converted into a unique gift at Christmas.

As we were looking around we discovered a small spoon that had the word “Saudade” stamped into it. I had never hear of the word before and it’s meaning is quite beautiful:

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A short thought on shutting the hell up! 

At the beginning of the week I often looking forward and consider the clients I will be seeing between now and the next weekend. I often take a wider view of the week and allow my mind to consider the other responsibilities I will have. For me this will include; school runs, meetings, sorting the house befor my mum arrives, planning a joint birthday part for my two daughters, mentoring a counselling student who is fast approaching her assessment and a whole list of smaller things of the todo list.

All of this will all have an impact on my capacity to work. Not necessarily a negative one but we all have a limit on our capacity to be productive before the quality of every thing we do drops off.

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The power of the word

I had an amazing conversation today with someone in which I was able to expand my thoughts and thought process around my last blog post on why I hadn’t posted on here for a while. It was really helpful to consider my thoughts again, and really importantly I was able to do that out loud. Being able to tell this part of my story to someone brought it to life. In their listening and questioning it provoked my thoughts and I was able to solidify some while challenging others.

To process this I showed them a CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) process I had taken myself through. This was the 5 Aspects and thought record process.
Within the 5 aspects you look at the following areas:

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Fight your Demons

I’ve not written in a few weeks. I’ve been having a bit of a crisis of faith in my ability to write coherent words that seem to make sense (to me at least). More than that though, and more emotionally dangerous for me, I have been listening to those negative voices in my head that always seem to have greater control over my thoughts than the voice of self belief. This hasn’t been a conscious thing, it never is, is it! I don’t think that there has been an internal monologue of discussion and debate around my ability but a more subtle form of subversive thinking that has undermined my ability to continue to write. So in a way to exorcise these demons I’m sharing how this has happened.

If you want to skip a personal & personal reflection on my own psyche please pass along now and know that normal service will resume.

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A Rio Ferdinand Story

A couple of days ago the BBC showed the Program Rio Ferdinand: Being mum and dad.  You can still watch it on the BBC iPlayer here. The premise was: How can a single dad come to terms with his own internal battles alongside navigating how to effectively process their grief as a family?

As I was watching it I made some comments on Facebook, as you do, and the next thing I knew I had been contacted by was was writing for the Premier Christianity Blog.

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Stop and enjoy the view

Back in 1996 I visited Africa and travelled around 9 different countries in a converted army overland truck. It was an amazing trip and I was able to visit some amazing places. One stop was on the edge of what was then called Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) with the plan of walking up the Mountains of the Moon. An incredible mountain range on the equator with tropical jungle at its base and snow at the peek.

I was really excited to make this walk and started out with high hopes of making it. The first day was a long hard trudge up the mountain, through jungle with both the temperature and humidity ridiculously high. I was determined to make it though. By lunch time the path had all but disappeared and it was down to simply scrambling up the mountain.

So head down and step forward.

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The (hidden) impact

Last night I picked both daughters up from a Roller Disco birthday party and had an unexpected conversation. 2 of the mums came up to me and thanked me for writing the blog. One even shared that they had changed their professional practice because of some of what I had written on the subject of setting clear boundaries.  Honestly, I was surprised and incredibly flattered.

I can obviously see that people are reading the blog because of the analytics that wordpress offer. However, there is a real difference between seeing a blue bar with a number attached to it and having people come to me and say that not only have they read but it has had a direct impact on their work. It’s not the first time either.

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