It’s always about the first step

Like Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade I am restarting my blog again today. Full of fear, anxiety and concern and even after making the decision to do it I have come up with 100’s of excuses why it couldn’t be started. In my mind all legitimate.

18 months ago i completed my counselling training and during the years of training that i was going through I had to write every week. These reflective journals, although were at times hard work, I still had to do it. It became habit and as i did them more and more I actually loved the discipline of writing, reflecting on my counselling practice and the learning I was doing. Since then I haven’t had to and so I stopped, thankful for the break. However there has felt like a gap in my processing of what I did and who I was learning and growing. Of course in the last 18 months of counselling I have delivered close to 1500 hours of counselling and in that time I haven’t stopped learning at all. You can’t. Every client is different and challenges you to think differently in your approach and methodology of how I apply the skills I have. What I haven’t had is a space to process that, explore what I have learnt, shared new approaches or ask questions of myself.

This is where this blog comes in. In the last month I’ve reconnected with John Saddington on twitter and on his relaunched vlog on YouTube in a much more meaningful way. John is someone who has inspired me for years about blogging, not least because he has blogged every single day for 15 years.

However, it was in a vlog post before christmas that really challenged me to restart the blog. In essence he suggests that blogging:

  1. It makes you an infinitely better communicator (which helps your entire life, period).
  2. It opens doors
  3. It teaches you about the power of “showing up,” long-term investments, and doing the work.

So part of this year will be to gain the discipline of writing. Of turning up and doing it. of challenging myself to write better (a challenge with my dyslexia, but one that I now won’t hid behind).

I have other projects that I also want to achieve that I will blog about soon but for now I have to take that first step, commit to writing and just start.

So to start I have to deal with my biggest demon. I have to push down my perfectionist driver that I have and just write. I know somewhere deep in me I want this to be the most challenging post you will read today. I know I want people to be excited about the prose that I will put out over the year. Lets be honest there are much better writers out there than me. So here’s the deal, so you know. I am not writing for you, I am writing for me. If you like what I write, then great. If you have opinions on what I am writing, perfect, please jump in and have a conversation.

Sometimes you may find yourself in agreement with me and other times you won’t. I’m happy with that. Sometimes I will write something that will be relevant to you other times I may even wonder what I have written myself. The point, however, is to simply write. Process and share my thoughts and to write.

Finishing this I have the sense of relief of Indi after that 1st foot landed. I hope that continues!

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