One of the many things I’m learning about, and benifiting from, having a discipline of daily writing is that it is a good way for me to process my thoughts. As an introvert I need a place to process my thoughts.

As someone who internally processes, I often find that I have too much in my head at any one time. The normal act of taking time out to sit in silence or put on the headphones to process what I’m thinking hardly ever happens.

I pick up children from school, sit with them doing homework, Esther gets home and the evening begins. It can be non stop and relentless. I love the chaos of family life and wouldn’t change it for the world. However, it often means that I struggle to carve out time to sit and think or that happens late into the day when I’m not sure that coherent thoughts are possible

The act of writing has helped me to create space in my day to “think out loud” without the distraction of doing that with a group of people. However, once the thought is out there I can then engage with conversation about it, should it interest others.

In the past when I have blogged I have foud it scary to put my thoughts out there. I have been wondering why this has been the case but I am sure that it’s been about a mind set based on who I was writing for. Previously I was writing what I thought others wanted to read. As a result I was anxious to know what they thought of what I had written and felt as though I needed the validation from likes, shares, comments.

The difference now is simple. I’m writing for myself. If others are challenged, encouraged or are able to learn something from it then great and I really do want to talk with those people to find out in what way they have engaged with the subject I’ve written about. Until then though, I am writing.

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