Perspective is key

Often, as I drive to work in the morning I will stop and watch the sun rise. I am a big fan of a sunrise, more than a sunset. The reason I stop isn’t to simply watch the sun come up but to slow myself down and prepare for the day ahead. It feels like I give myself the chance to take a long breath at the start of the day. It gives me an important moment to put aside the chaos of the morning routine with my own children and prepare for the children I will spend the day with.

I never really know what my day will bring so to still my own mind is something that I rellish.

As I stopped this morning I took time to notice the vapour trails in the sky. As you can see from the photo that i took they really caught the sun and made interesting paturns. They looked beautiful. There was silence and as I stood in the layby with no cars or noise at all I realised how calm I felt. As I stood there looking at the slowly changing colours a thought struck me. The people who were in the aeroplanes that caused those vapour trails were travelling at speeds in excess of 300mph. Their minds were on their final destination and they had no way of knowing that the result of their actions of flight were providing me with such a moment of beauty. If they could turn around they still wouldn’t see because I was looking up and seeing the orange glow of the reflected sunlight. From their perspective it was nothing. From my perspective it was everything.

This gave me an opportunity to be reflective about my practice this morning. A helpful focus for the start of a potentially difficult day. So often I find myself working with young people and help them to, for a brief moment, step of their plane. Their lives are often flat out chaos and for 45 min, in the safety of our room, we can step away from it all. In doing so we see things, that from the speed of thier own life, is impossible to see. Perhaps other children who actually do want to be their friend or perhaps the space to see where could be a safe person they could talk to, or simply space away from the chaos.

In working with young people we provide the space to safely step out of their lives and explore options from the safety of a different perspective.

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