Shaping a structure to the blog

Sitting in bed this morning, I have been contemplating what to write on the blog today. I’ve wondered about all sorts of things and haven’t landed on anything.

So far the posts have been very responsive to the days events, what has randomly been on my mind or a reaction to a specific event. Which is OK but what if I have a day where nothing comes to mind? I have to say that writing daily and making it interesting for myself to do is not an easy task. Projects that we take on where there is no set goal or we are not sure of its aims other than “I will get something out of the practice of it” really can wander. This experience of writing feels like it could do that.

So I am going to give myself a challenge of 7 topics, one for each day and so if noting else I will have a focus or a starting point.

These are my thoughts so far:

  • Monday: Care for the Carer – As practitioners, working with children and young people, what are the things we need to consider and do to effectively look  after ourselves? A reflective look at my own self care in this regard.
  • Tuesday: Tips and Tricks – A look at some of the tools I use and ways in which I engage young people.
  • Wednesday: One to One practice – Best practices and ways to engage in one to one relationships with young people. Looking at areas of issues I have explored with my clients.
  • Thursday: Book development – One of the reasons I wanted to write is to develop a habit of writing and so that starting my book became an easier task. Part of that will be blogging my progress so that I have a level of accountability in its development.
  • Friday: Mindfulness – As I explore mindfulness in more depth I want to process my experience of personal practice, with young people and its effects.
  • Saturday: Personal Reflection – space to think about my practice or balance in life (physical, emotional, relational, personal, professional, spiritual)
  • Sunday: An open book – Here I give myself permission to write anything about anything

If anyone has any questions or suggestions or other things you’d like to be covered I would love to hear from you.

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