what about rest

I’ve planned my clients sessions and are in the diary, my meetings are in the diary, phone calls that I need to make are in the diary, school runs in the diary, after school club pick ups and drop offs are in the diary, evening meetings are in the diary. We are pretty good at adding what we are doing to the joint digital diary and being aware of what, as a family, we are doing next in the days ahead.

But what about rest?

I’m not talking about the rest you get at the end of the day with the TV on, although this is important, but the type of rest you get when you are intentional with recovery. If you work in a caring capacity you give out and give out constantly. And finding a pattern of rest in your day is important.

In a day I find that I function better if I can stop in the morning on my way to work to take a moment to prep for the day ahead. It can give me a perspective on the day ahead that is useful. Conversely on the journey to pick my own children up from school I find it useful if I stop to put aside that which I have picked up from the young people during the day that is not mine and metaphorically lay it to one side. Without taking this time I can carry that stuff home with me and it can affect me how I respond to the family.

So the answer. I’m going to start to put more things in the diary. Even if it is for only 15 minutes and even if it is as a daily reminder to myself to stop and take a breath. Think about what I’m doing and think about what i need to do to care just a bit more for myself.

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