The power of the word

I had an amazing conversation today with someone in which I was able to expand my thoughts and thought process around my last blog post on why I hadn’t posted on here for a while. It was really helpful to consider my thoughts again, and really importantly I was able to do that out loud. Being able to tell this part of my story to someone brought it to life. In their listening and questioning it provoked my thoughts and I was able to solidify some while challenging others.

To process this I showed them a CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) process I had taken myself through. This was the 5 Aspects and thought record process.
Within the 5 aspects you look at the following areas:

  1. The situation
  2. The Thoughts associatied with that situation
  3. The feelings you have because of it
  4. The behaviour you exhibit within the situation
  5. The physical responses you have as a result

I will probably expand on this to give you an example of how you can see that they are interlinked at some point, but not now.

Following this I showed how I challenged my negative thoughts with balanced thoughts. Not replacing a thought but challenging it with evidence.

It felt helpful to this person to have seen my process. Yet, even though I had taken myself though it once, to have the ability to say it all out loud and to write the counselling process out onto paper brought it to life in a whole new way.

It reminded me so much of when, for the first time ever, I had written the list names of those people I had personally known who had died over a 12year period. This list of 12 names was not new to me, yet the second I saw their names down on paper they became very real in a whole new way. The way I describe it was almost like me physically chiselling their names in a head stone. There was now a permanency about them that wasn’t there before and I wept. I simply sobbed my heart out. I had cried about these people (although not at the time of their death (another story for another time)) but this felt different. It was down to writing out the names.

Today felt like that and is another part of my journey to understand the inner workings of my brain and to make it real for me.

My final thought goes to the person who enabled this. Their skill in listening, in asking the right questions at the right time and moving this interaction from simply me telling them my process to something that was a therapeutic transaction was brilliant. Thank you.

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