The meaning of Saudade

In a recent trip to Greenwich, London, Esther and I wandered into the vintage market. Always on the look out for something unique which could be up-cycled or converted into a unique gift at Christmas.

As we were looking around we discovered a small spoon that had the word “Saudade” stamped into it. I had never hear of the word before and it’s meaning is quite beautiful:

Saudade: The deep love that remains after something or someone has gone. A profound melancholic longing and nostalgia, harbouring a repressed knowledge that the beloved will never return.

To me this word speaks deeply of a sense of unspoken hopelessness in the loss. It holds in it knowledge of how that loss will never return yet if we were to acknowledge that truth out loud it would make it more real.

I’d be interested to know your take on the word and what images or thoughts are brought to your mind.

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