Back to school

To be honest, I am really excited about this week ahead. I’m going back to school. But not to learn (although I suspect that I will learn loads). Instead I have been asked by my counselling tutor where I studdied, if I wanted the opportunity and experience to step into the classroom with her on the foundation counselling skills course and, until Christmas, become her assistant tutor.

As I look to my future I have a couple of options open to me in the way I develop my private practice. One of those ways is to add clinical supervision to what I can offer. The importance of supervision is something that I have written about quite a lot and I have learnt how siginficant it is to how I personally develop and professionally reflect. However, before I put myself through the training I would need to do, I thought this would be a great way to start to experience how you support the professional development of a counsellor – albeit someone at the very start of their journey. As someone starts to learn and reflect on a professional level the transaction that occurs between the teacher and student it’s very different to that of client and counsellor and THAT exchange is what I really want to experience.

So this is a great opportunity for me to see this in action from the other side of the classroom. In exploring what this could become for me and to give something back to the college that trained me and to the next generation of counsellors comething through feels like it is a situation in which everyone benefits and I cant wait to get started.

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