A shift in pace & purpose

This year has been a tough one for me. I have found myself on the receiving end of some significant illnesses; Pleurisy, depression and shingles. Each taking their toll on me in different ways. This has meant that both physically and mentally I have felt considerably battered.

Although I spend time with my clients speaking about self care I have found, that in many ways, I was blind to the fact that my own self care was lacking. If you would have asked me if I was caring for myself I would have told you that I was and shown you in what way. However, what I have discovered is that you may be doing good things but if they are not the right things then what’s the point?

See, even us counsellors and therapists are not immune from the lies we tell ourselves!

So I have had to put in place processes and activities that actually for me. That actually make a difference to my physical and mental wellbeing. Something, I believe, that everyone should take time to do.

It’s actually been almost exactly a year since my last post and there are plenty of reasons that I haven’t written. But in the last couple of days I had a conversation with a counsellor who really helped challenge me on some of the things holding me back. I realised that having a space to reflect on my practice and some of those things I am passionate about is actually an important part of my routine and being without it  was not good for me.

It may seem unimportant in the grand scheme of things but words have such considerable power for me and having the ability and forum to express them can mean that I can be either letting them go and/or giving them life.

Writing me for, i realised is therapeutic and without it there has been an important part of what i need missing.

So the blog is restarting and if that’s a good thing for you and you enjoy what i write, then welcome back and let’s enjoy discovery together.

I wonder what you have let slip in your life? What has brought you joy or peace before that you no longer do? Is it time to start to reevaluate some priorities and make some subtle or significant changes.

Let me know down below if you’re feeling stuck and need to make changes. Perhaps i could help?

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