The Next Steps – Part One

Having been quiet on this blog for a while I wanted to share what it is that I have been doing. I have so many people support me through this blog and it has provided me an amazing space to reflect on how I work and to connect with some incredible people.

My focus in the last 6 months has been on a few different things that have demanded my attention.

Firstly, I have needed to focus on my own mental and physical health. Ive written so much on the importance of self care and yet I have, at times, failed to care for myself in the best way possible. So recently I have taken this task very seriously. Mostly this has involved being good to my-self and not expecting too much. I can really push myself at times so as I’ve looked at all the things I could do I have asked myself the questions…

What brings me joy? What gives life? What energises? What do I need to let release?

The idea of writing for me is such a useful one as it can help me to make sense of my thoughts, add clarity and explore other options. Yet to write simply because I feel like I should is not the right reason and this is where I found myself. Being driven by “should’s and Aught’s” do nothing other than add unnecessary pressure. So I made the decision to let go of it.

This has given me much needed space but equally left me realising how much I value the written word. Words have incredible power and more so when they are written down.

This time off from the blog has helped me connect with a passion of mine. Photography.

As i slowed down and walked for enjoyment, I started to notice the world around me more and ventured into a new project of starting to see the small park near my house with new eyes. I had usually walked through it quickly to get to farmers fields to walk my dog. However, after illness i simply couldn’t manage long distance. So taking my camera out I challenged myself to see what I considered to be my everyday normal with a fresh perspective. The #OneSmallParkLotsOfViews project was born.

This was the start of something that became quite significant for me. As I started to take photos and seeing how the park was a living breathing ever changing place I became conscious of my own thoughts more. I was noticing the shifting patterns of my own mind and was more at ease with them. Awareness of negative thoughts and their origins helped me to overcome them. As this developed I started to connect these thoughts and the photography. I started to share these thoughts online and soon this grew into an persona I called “The Mindful Shutterbug”.

This can be found on Instagram and Facebook but most significantly in an online group Called the Mindful Shutterbug Community. Where I have been joined by around another 250 people where we share photography and thoughts around mental health, well being and our thinking around self worth and self development.

This small community has really helped me explore my thoughts and challenged my thinking over a number of areas and I know, because of the messages that I have been sent that it really helps those in the group too. Although it is a closed group I welcome anyone in. So if you’d like to find out a little more about this area of what I am doing please feel free to drop by and say hi.

In my next post I will explore what has been happening alongside this and how I will be looking to develop what I am doing.

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